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Extrication CR5

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Vehicle extrication operations present numerous hazards for rescue professionals ranging from minor cuts and abrasions to severe lacerations and crushing injuries. The Extrication CR5 glove is your first line of defense against impact, abrasion, and cut hazards on the job. SAPREX® CR5 fabric is made in the USA and meets ASTM/CE Level 5 standards for cut resistance. The top of your hand is protected by an outer Kevlar® shell with Thermoplastic Rubber finger guards and a molded hard knuckle so you can work through the wreckage.  SAPREX® CR5 fabric lines the entire palm with Level 5 cut resistance and is reinforced with genuine leather in the palm and fingertips for enhanced grip and durability. The quick-fit elastic cuff features an inner gaiter cuff to prevent glass and other debris from entering the glove and 3M® reflective for enhanced visual awareness in any environment. Imported

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