heat&flame0CarbonX® Flame Resistant Gloves

CarbonX starts life as a fiber called oxidized polyacrylonitrile, or O-PAN for short. The magic of this fiber lies in the processes to make it flame retardant. The O-PAN is exposed to a nearly 400˚ F degree heat and in a two-step process where the fibers are pre-charred to be woven. Ballistic and additional oxidized fibers are added to create a material that is able to withstand a 2000˚ F blowtorch flame 20 times longer than a comparable material. In 480˚ F heat the CarboxX retains 100% of its strength. This means it will not melt or drip or leave you unprotected even during an arc flash or splash from a molten metal. Still not convinced… CarbonX has been tested and surpasses the Vertical Flame Test, Thermal Protective Performance Test (TPP), the Instrumented Test for ARC Flash and Certification from the SFI Foundation Inc. Mechanix Wear products featuring CarbonX are designed to give you the best chance to remove yourself from a dangerous situation with the least amount of harm.

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