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MRT M-Pact 2

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From the racetrack to the garage and everything in between, the MRT® M-Pact® 2 is the next generation of Mechanix Racing Technology. Designed for heavy wrenching on racecars, the MRT® M-Pact® 2 provides full-coverage hand protection without sacrificing fit and feel. Our new integrated Impact Guard frees your index finger for easy hand tool operation, while the Thermoplastic Rubber finger guards protect your digits from pesky impact and skin abrasions. Flexible accordion knuckle protection with XRD® foam safeguards your hands from blunt force impact and abrasions when breaking bolts and working in tight spaces. The palm features anatomically shaped padding and a durable Thermoplastic Rubber torque pad with XRD® cushioning to relieve hand fatigue day in and day out. Imported

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